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Journal Entry 2

Martinez’s purpose was to wholeheartedly depict the devastation she felt when her academic skills were criticized unjustly. She wanted her audience to understand the hardships and self-doubt she had internalized that were  suddenly put on display for her peers to witness and judge. Martinez wants to let everyone that looks like her know to keep pushing because the fight is precious. It takes discipline and strength to succeed when society has put all the odds against you. The professor let his/her ignorance intervene in Martinez’s academic  growth, which happens to many minority students in predominantly white institutions. Through her emotional appeal Martinez is calling out for change in academia. Like the note her professor left on her paper “needs work,” the stigma suffocating minority students in academic spaces needs work. It’s critical to make minority students feel safe in spaces where they are breaking down barriers. Growing up within a mainly latino and African-American student body I never felt like I didn’t belong until I went to a predominantly white university for my first semester. It’s always heard and seen on the news that we’re the minority, but you never truly see nor feel it until you’ve left your comfort zone. I can relate to Martinez’s fight to make spaces safe for minority students because it’s tough having to constantly prove your worth to yourself, family, peers, and professors. 

Both reading assignments emphasized the necessity for pathos as it invites the reader on a relatable and personal level. Martinez uses her personal experiences to draw in readers that perhaps have been through a similar situation. After her audience is emotionally connected, she invokes the change that is needed in academia for minority students. In Arguments Based on Emotion: Pathos, the author shows how companies like the FDA use warning labels to portray a message to consumers. Warning labels can provoke an array of feelings depending on the audience. All writing should use pathos to a certain extent because a piece solely based on facts can be dull. 

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  1. Your reading of Martínez and reflection on your own experience made me think about the term, minority. We often use that term to identify people who are really minoritized systematically, although like you said, the way we feel whether we are minority or not really depends on the context. In other words, it seems like you are trying to communicate that we become minority in certain situations and contexts? And what role does language play here then?

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