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Journal 6: Literacy Narrative Experience

My experience with writing my literacy narrative has been very rewarding. It made me think of relationships with language, education, and culture which I haven’t realized before. It reminded me of precious moments in my younger life that I hadn’t paid mind to. In this journey, I learned that I can be more expressive in my writing which attracts readers and helps my piece be understood logistically and emotionally. The most difficult step for me was brainstorming because I tend to overthink a lot, and coming up with a solid topic was tough. Also, the rough draft took a lot too, I was very broad and vague with my experiences and lacked motivation to see working. I’m glad this project was split into steps because it held me accountable to continuously work on my piece. Also, I enjoyed peer editing because others can bring in new ideas to help the flow and comprehension. Surprisingly, I had the toughest time with the title because I didn’t know how to concisely introduce my piece. 

Through this assignment, I learned that I can vary in writing styles. I’ve been used to writing scientific pieces, which follow a different structure and involve more outside research than personal additions. I also learned it’s important to have rough drafts because there’s always room for improvement. Every part of a written piece is important, from the title to the conclusion. Each section has to correlate and flow together, reading the examples in class helped me see this point better. I hope my final portrays the amount of work and dedication I invested and can be enjoyed by everyone, whether or not we’ve encountered similar experiences. 

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